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Welcome to UAS 2015

Welcome to UAS 2015

UAS 2015 – now in its fourth edition – will explore the use of autonomous systems within the military domain.  UAS 2014 focused on transferring knowledge of the applications of unmanned air systems between the military, civilian and commercial sectors. UAS 2015 will return to its defence and security roots to address the latest requirements, developments and deployments across the services and security agencies. The program will expand to embrace land and maritime systems, as well as air, and look at the development of automated unmanned systems across all three areas.


Key areas of focus for the program will include:

  • Challenges in transforming capabilities with the addition of unmanned systems
  • The role of autonomous systems in the move from campaigns to contingency
  • The latest technological advances in autonomous systems
  • Integrating autonomous systems with other platforms
  • Next generation of automated combat vehicles
  • Development of AUDS
  • Certification and regulations for Unmanned Systems
  • Advances in artificial intelligence
  • Researching and developing European led UAV programs
  • Transferring innovation in the civilian field to military application
  • Drawing on experiences in emergency services and disaster relief

UAS 2015 will attract representatives from:

  • Public sector/Government
  • Military – RAF/Navy/Army
  • Border security, policing and law enforcement
  • Infrastructure management and protection
  • Disaster relief, search and rescue and other emergency services              
  • Regulatory bodies representative

350 people registered for UAS 2014 with a diverse audience drawn from 23 nations. In 2015 our refocus will see an enhanced value proposition for serving military to attend from not only air forces across the world but also from navy and land forces where utilisation and application of unmanned systems is growing exponentially.

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